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2012 Draft Review by EJ Elgin

Welcome to the 2012 draft review brought to you by my very good friend EJ. I am sure that you will all agree that EJ made a great impact on my blog last year with his challenging questions and insightful answers. In my eyes EJ has done such a great job I wanted him to have a whole episode to himself.

In this episode EJ will take you through the main winners and losers from the draft team wise, he also gives us his views on the Luck vs RG3 battle and finally his top 5 players to watch this year. With that said, that is all from me, I hope you enjoy EJ's take on the 2012 draft as much as I did!


Pittsburgh Steelers - First 2 picks on good offensive linemen. The Steelers have had difficulty protecting their best player in Big Ben, and it is scary thinking of how good they can be if he is given time and be completely healthy all year.

Philadelphia Eagles - Majority of picks spent on defense. After not being able to stop offenses last year, this is exactly what they needed in drafting impact players.


Cleveland Browns - Gave away 3 later round draft picks just to move up one spot to land Trent Richardson. Albeit, a dynamic RB and exactly what they needed, he would have been available as the 4th pick. Also, drafting Brandon Weeden and immediately declaring him the starter is risky even though he is a 28 year old rookie. Thought they should have drafted another playmaker as they lack these to help the QB.

Seattle Seahawks - Took a big gamble in drafting the defensive end as early as they did and the rest of their picks just lacked 'sense.' Not well known names and players that played their college ball in a not so big conference.

Robert Griffin III vs. Andrew Luck

I think they are both going to be elite QB's. My fear for RGIII is his durability. He doesn't have the frame of a Cam Newton, therefore I feel he won't be able to take too many hits. My fear for Andrew Luck is that he lacks any game breakers to help him out on offense.

However, the Colts did draft the best 2 tight ends in the draft, in hope of giving him someone to throw the ball to. It almost looks like the Patriots 2 headed TE monster has rubbed off with the division rivals Colts, and they are going to try and steal the formula from New England with Hernandez and the Gronk.

Griffin is an electric QB and Luck is Mr. Consistent. I feel Griffin will put up better numbers this year and have the better record, but feel the tables will flip flop as their careers progress.

Just want to apologise in advance for the language content in the Andrew Luck highlights, if your easily offended best watch with the volume off.

RG3 highlights:
Andrew Luck highlights:

Top 5 Players to Watch

5) Mark Barron - Safety (1st round - 7th pick) - Buccaneers: Dominant safety from the best college football division and college champs, Alabama. A ball hawk that also likes to hit. Will be a long term starter and someone who can build defense around. Want to say the next Ed Reed, but even likes to hit!

4) Doug Martin - Running Back (1st round - 31st pick) - Buccaneers: Crazy I know that I have picked 2 Bucs and they didn't make my top teams for 2012 draft. Doug Martin not a 'showy' RB, but solid and seems to always get an extra yard or two. Feel like he will fit in the system and will be the best RB the Bucs have had in a couple of years. What makes him good is he is a every down back in that he can run, block, and pass catch.

3) Isaiah Pead - Running Back (2nd round - 50th pick) - Rams: My sleeper pick! Finally Sam Bradford has an added weapon on offense. I see him playing a similar role to what Percy Harvin does for the Vikings in that he will be able to be an efficient running back but also a dynamic pass catcher either from the backfield or slot. Much needed relief to a very bad offense!

2) Quinton Coples - Defensive End (1st round - 16th pick) - Jets: My riskiest pick as he is someone that takes plays off and his motivation is questioned. I believe the best overall talent for defensive line and if anyone can get him going it may be Sexy Rex Ryan, the head coach for the Jets.

1) Justin Blackmon - Wide Receiver (1st round - 5th pick) - Jaguars: I believe will be an elite WR due to his work ethic and desire to be the best. He will never be questioned for his lack of desire and even though he wasn't the fastest, highest jumping, or quickest receiver in the draft he has hall of fame potential. Now only if they had a QB that could throw the ball accurately to him!

Thank you EJ, as always this was outstanding work and I look forward to our chats and blog for this coming season. We will be the new Dave Dameshek and Adam Rank lol!

As always my fellow football fans 'Thanks for Stopping By'

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