Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Week Two

1st Down

TOM BRADY, it seems appropriate for me to start this week by mentioning this great QB. He is without a doubt unstoppable at the moment and if he keeps up this form for the rest of the season, these are the numbers he will have posted come the end of week 17;-

COMP - 504 ATT - 704 COMP% - 72% YDS - 7520 TD's - 56

These stats to me are just unreal, I mean it's the kind of thing you get playing Madden on Rookie!

This week he added 423yds onto the 517yds from last week and another 3 TD's to make his total for the season 940yds and 7 TD's after just 2 games. The Chargers did not stand a chance this week although they put up a good fight ending up on the wrong end of a 35 – 21 defeat.

OK so now I have had my Tom Brady moment, this week has been amazing again with the theme of this week being the come backs following on from last weeks kick off / punt return week. This week saw 7 games by my reckoning that saw teams come from at least a 10 point deficit to end up victorious including my amazing Bills who were 21 – 3 down at half time against the Raiders. This one came down to a Fitzy touchdown pass to David Nelson with 14 seconds left on the clock and finished off by a Da'Norris Searcy interception with the last play of the game for us to run out 38 – 35 winners. Bills 2 – 0 and looking like they know how to win games, I had flashbacks of the Bengals game from last year where we rallied from behind to pick up the win.

The worst thing about how well the Pats and Brady are playing is that we have them visiting the Ralph next week and although we are picking up wins, we leaked a lot of points against the Raiders this week and I for one am very nervous about facing this on form team that we haven't beaten in over 7 years.

2nd Down

Lets take a look at some of the other come back wins from this week starting with the defending Superbowl champs Green Bay who surprisingly had to come back from 13 – 0 down against the Panthers led by Cam Newton. Newton recorded his second 400+yds game in a row. Not a bad way to start your career being in the company of Dan Marino and Phil Simms who have also thrown 400+yds in consecutive games.

After going down by 13 to start the game, the packers then exploded with 23 unanswered points with the pick of them being this 49yd strike to Greg Jennings http://www.nfl.com/videos/nfl-fantasy/09000d5d82259696/QB-Rodgers-to-WR-Jennings-49-yd-pass-TD. After the Packers fired in the 23 points this one was over with them winning 30 – 23.

Speaking of comebacks, how about Romo and the Cowboys this week against the 49ers. Romo went out early in the game to be replaced by Kitna due to a fractured rib only to come back into the game in the 4th quarter with his side trailing the 49ers 24 -14. Romo steps up and leads his team to two scoring drives with a touchdown to Miles Austin and completing 5 of 6 passes on the game tying field goal drive.

One final comeback to speak of this week and that's my good friend Mickey 'Big Dog' Hoggs Redskins. They like the Bills have managed to start out as 2 – 0 thanks to their win this week against the Cardinals. The Skins despite heading into the half 10 – 3 up managed to find themselves down by 8 points in the fourth quarter only for Grossman to pull a performance I didn't think he had in him out the bag with an 18yd pass to Santana Moss and a field goal drive following a missed two point conversion after their last score.

3rd Down

Ok so thats enough of the come back matches on with the remaining scores followed by some of my highlights and top performances from this week. The remaining scores from Week 2;-

Kansas 3 - 48 Detroit
Cleveland 27 - 19 Indianapolis
Tampa Bay 24 - 20 Minnesota
Chicago 13 - 30 New Orleans
Jacksonville 3 - 32 New York Jets
Seattle 0 - 24 Pittsburgh
Baltimore 13 - 26 Tennessee
Cincinnati 22 - 24 Denver
Houston 23 - 13 Miami
Philadelphia 31 - 35 Atlanta
St Louis 16 - 28 New York Giants

As you can see from the above there were a few surprises as well this week with the Titans beating the Ravens on the back of their dissection of Pittsburgh last week. I for one was also surprised that the Falcons were able to come out on top of the Eagles, would they have been able to had Vick not left the game is my question for you folks?

Looks like despite having the same offence and defence minus Peyton Manning the colts are definitely going to struggle this year, will this open the door for Houston to pick up the division title this year?

Lets rock and roll onto some of my personal highlights from this week aside from the Bills late victory against Oakland!
Firstly I urge you all to check out this TD grab by Jackson against the Pats http://www.nfl.com/videos/nfl-fantasy/09000d5d8225d78e/QB-Rivers-to-WR-Jackson-26-yd-pass-TD. Despite being on the loosing side, I was very impressed with Jackson who picked up 172yds and 2 TD's.

Also this week Steve Smith continued his revival against the Packers thanks to Cam Newton with 156yds, although Smith didn't score he has great fantasy value and I really must remember to start him next week so that I don't lose by 0.4pts like this week, gutted.com!

Josh Freeman's performance this week was another highlight for me, this young QB managed to drag the Buccaneers back against the Vikes who took an early lead after the first half where McNabb actually looked like he belonged as a starter in the NFL. Thanks to Freeman and a great onside kick to shift momentum they managed to turn the deficit round and come out victorious.

4th Down

With the above in mind it brings me to a few questions I was asked following last week by EJ, starting with is McNabb washed up?
I am going to be a little bit cruel with my response on this one and say that yes I do believe he is more washed up than the oil on the gulf coast! With no production last week and this week when he looked to be back in the groove he soon fell out of it again, I think the Vikings need a young QB that they can bring in now to get the experience he needs so that they can push on next season.

Is the worst team in the league the Seahawks?
In one word, Yes!

Finally, Is it me or is the league valuing the QB as a passer with little focus/production from RB's?
There has been a huge increase in passing this season it seems with only a few teams having 100+yd rushers. Only your traditional running teams like Pittsburgh and Baltimore seem to have a nice balance between the two where as a lot of teams looking to improve their record have hunted out a QB this year, like Tennessee picking up Matt Hasselbeck and the Cardinals hoping Kolb will lead them back to the playoffs.

Some good questions there from EJ and I would love to hear more questions from you and my other readers this week. As usual I will raise and answer the questions in next weeks edition.

As a final thought this week, I would like to point you in the direction of some of my favourite weekly watches if you don't catch them already on NFL.com;-

Top 5 Weekly Catches http://www.nfl.com/videos/nfl-countdowns/09000d5d82260656/Top-5-catches-Week-2
All the scores from Sundays action in a minute marathon from Redzone http://www.nfl.com/videos/nfl-redzone-videos/09000d5d8225c129/Week-2-RedZone-recap

I am really loving the NFL more than ever this year and have even been able to meet some more fellow Bills fans thanks to #BillsMafia on Twitter. We Billeve this will be our year, how about you?

Week 2 is now in the history books and I'm already excited about next weeks action, Bring on the Pats and as always guys and girls 'Thanks for stopping by'.

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