Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Week Three

1st Down

Wow did that just happen? This is something I said to myself a lot this week. It was either a result that was raising my eyebrow like the great one or some of the outstanding catches made.

I'm sure you've all guessed by now what result got me saying that, yes surprise, surprise I was talking about my beloved Bills again. You can't blame me though, it has been over 7 years and a run stretching 15 games since we beat the Patriots and on Sunday with a last gasp field goal we sealed an epic victory 34 - 31.

This win was sweet for so many reasons including the above, I mean how many times does Brady get picked 4 times in a game! I shall leave my rambling there on this win but suffice to say there was many a Bills party Sunday night!

There was a few other things that got me watching replays in awe, starting with this amazing catch from Dwayne Bowe http://www.nfl.com/videos/nfl-fantasy/09000d5d8228ec53/QB-Cassel-to-WR-Bowe-4-yd-pass-TD.  This was just an amazing show of body control and composure to make sure his second foot comes down in bounds.

Here are some more amazing catches from Sunday, check out these top 5 catches from Sunday http://www.nfl.com/videos/nfl-countdowns/09000d5d82293cbc/Top-5-catches-Week-3

Wow watching those has just reminded me of some more rookie history that we saw this week.  Troy Smith of the Ravens first three career catches going for TD's setting a new NFL record.  I think his speed is just simply phenomenal and with Joe Flacco playing like this and Ray 'do you really think you can stop me' Rice, the Ravens should go really far this year.

I have to add this one as well having just seen it again, here is how not to tackle folks http://www.nfl.com/videos/nfl-fantasy/09000d5d822896ec/QB-Manning-to-WR-Cruz-74-yd-pass-TD

Anyway I think that's enough highlight reels for now, on with more of my NFL Sunday.

2nd Down

On Sunday I was given two games to watch by Sky Sports which were the Giants vs Eagles and Packers vs Bears. Coverage started with the Giants game and to be honest I found it rather underwhelming to start with so I thought I'd check out NFL Redzone which is our other option on Sundays.

I absolutely loved it, when I first started this blog, I thought it would be impossible to get a feel for all the weeks action as it happened. Turns out I was wrong, not only do you get all the Redzone action as it happens but they randomly keep you in every game for a few minutes, just enough to see who's playing well and who to drop from my fantasy team!

Don't get me wrong when there is either a mouth watering game on or my beloved Bills I will be knee deep it that action but it's a good alternative for slow developing games.

As I was watching Redzone, it turns out I was wrong about the Giants game as well this week. Eli Manning ended up throwing for 254 YDS and 4 TD'S as the Giants ran out 29 - 16 winners against the Eagles.

Wow did that just happen I said again, I know the Eagles have been hit and miss this season but I didn't expect Vick to end up with a suspected broken hand and the Giants to win this one.

This leads me to a question I have for you and the man which is my new question master EJ. If the Giants hadn't traded Manning for Rivers after the 2004 draft, would they have won more Superbowls with Rivers under centre?

3rd Down

So this brings me to the rest of the action, let's start with the Oakland Raiders. Man did they beat up the Jets this week or what? Lots of physical D and how many personal fouls, too many to count that's for sure!

It seems this worked though as Oakland took what was a tight game and blew them away in the second half to come out on top 34 - 24 winners.  The Vikes continued their early season race to get the first pick in next years draft as they managed to throw away yet another lead to Detroit losing 26 - 23. Detroit are now 3 - 0 would you believe!

Interesting stat for you, 76% of teams that start 3 - 0 make the play-offs, will Detroit and Buffalo be a part of that or the 24% that doesn't make it?

How about the Jacksonville vs Carolina game this week, wow it was literally like watching water polo at one stage but that didn't stop young Blaine Gabbert from throwing this TD pass http://www.nfl.com/videos/nfl-fantasy/09000d5d8228b0a9/QB-Gabbert-to-WR-Thomas-36-yd-pass-TD

Before I finish off the rest of the results I feel a special mention is in order for the Bucs and Seahawks this week. Great wins for them in week 3 16 - 13 and 13 - 10 respectively.  I like many others except those within their organisations had written them off for this year but they both proved 'Any Given Sunday' anything can happen, let's hope they can build on these results going into next week.

Here's a recap of all this weeks results:-

New England 31 – 34 Buffalo
Jacksonville 10 – 16 Carolina
San Francisco 13 – 8 Cincinnati
Miami 16 – 17 Cleveland
Detroit 26 – 23 Minnesota
Houston 33 – 40 New Orleans
New York Giants 29 – 16 Philadelphia
Denver 14 – 17 Tennessee
New York Jets 24 – 34 Oakland
Kansas City 17 – 20 San Diego
Baltimore 37 – 7 St Louis
Green Bay 27 – 17 Chicago
Arizona 10 – 13 Seattle
Atlanta 13 – 16 Tampa Bay
Pittsburgh 23 – 20 Indianapolis
Washington 16 – 18 Dallas

4th Down

As you can see from above, quite a few teams stepped up this week whilst others slide further behind.  I was asked this week by Justin if I think Detroit are the real deal?

Well I have to say they may be 3 – 0 but they have had a pretty easy schedule with the Bucs, Chiefs and Vikes.  Lets not get too carried away just yet as they really struggled until late on against the Vikings and I feel against the good teams they may struggle.  If they are better than 4 – 2 after week 6 when they have played the Cowboys, Bears and 49ers then I will start to consider them as contenders this year.

Justin has been kind enough to ask me a few more questions the pick of which is below:-

Who is the MVP so far:-

Despite a loss this week against the Bills, I say Tom Brady.  He was only about 20yds away from becoming the first QB to throw over 400yds in three straight games.

Who are the next big QB's to look for:-

Firstly I say keep and eye on Colt McCoy at the Browns, he has shown that if he is getting time in the pocket he can put it on the money and brought them back in the 4th quarter to beat the Dolphins with a TD to Massaquoi.

Also I'm a big fan of Mark Sanchez, even though he plays for a team I hate with an absolute passion, he has led the Jets to the conference game in his first two seasons and that takes a lot of talent.

Lastly I have to say to keep an eye on our golden boy Mr Fitzpatrick, if we can keep him healthy, he is on fire at the moment and I think he could be our starter for the next few years and proved this week he can get it done with the game on the line.

Some great questions, please keep them coming buddy.

Before my final thoughts on this week, I would like to squeeze in a couple of questions from EJ:-

With the lack of off season workouts and physical therapy have I noticed a decrease in team chemistry and increase in player injuries?

This is great question, In my mind there is absolutely no substitute as far as team bonding goes for spending time on the field making plays whether it be mini camps or pre season.  Lets face it this is the time where if your a rookie your looking to show the vets you've got what it takes and that you deserve their respect.  It's also the only way to learn schemes and as it's all good on paper but until you're on that field you don't know how it plays out.

I think this week in particular we have seen more plays from defences across the league as players are getting used to new systems and the play makers are a lot more comfortable and fit now they have the game time under their belts.

With regards to the injuries, I think the same applies, there is no way of knowing how much strain your body can take until you get yourself up to match fitness and the only way to do that is too play.  I think the first team players would benefit from more playing time in the pre-season for sharpness and to get the body used to the speed of the game.

I'll finish up this week with this last question from EJ, which 3 players will keep up their torrid pace and who will fall from football graceland?

My three who will remain on fire are Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers and Ray Rice.

My three to fall are Cam Newton, Andre Johnson and LeSean McCoy.

I would like to say a big thank you to EJ and Justin for their questions, please keep them coming and also a big thank you to my readers, I hope you enjoy my take on the NFL as much as I enjoy writing it.

So another week down and I am so pumped again for next week, finally this week we have seen the defences show they are here to play after taking a few weeks to warm up and also that no matter what you think should happen in the NFL, it doesn't always go to plan!

Until next week guys and girls, go Bills and 'Thanks for stopping by'

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