Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Week Five

1st Down

'Freddy, Freddy, Freddy' I have to tell you that listening to the Ralph chanting that this week after Fred Jackson made a big play really got me wishing I was there being a part of that crowd.

Welcome to week 5, I'm sure you can all tell which early game I had the joy of watching on Sunday!

First up this week on Sky Sports was my Bills vs the currently low flying Eagles. I really wasn't sure how this game would pan out, but one things for sure, this game had me swinging me imaginary towel and whistling on 3rd down in the hope it would put the Eagles off. One small problem with that of course, I'm in front of a TV about 4000 miles away but somehow I thought it would work!

The Eagles had the first possession and from the off it seemed like George Wilson was making every tackle, he was just everywhere you looked. Despite the Eagles being able to move the ball, we managed to get early pressure on Vick which resulted in a tipped pass being intercepted by Reggie Corner.

Time for the offence to show their quality and from the start Fred Jackson ran on 5 of the first 6 plays of the drive which lead to his 5yd TD run and a chorus of 'Freddy, Freddy, Freddy'.  I can't stress enough how great the crowd at the Ralph was and just how much I would have done to be a part of it. The crowd is always amazing, even when I was there two years ago sitting through a 6 – 3 loss the Browns, the crowd kept chanting, you wouldn't get that at Old Trafford that's for sure!

Anyway back to the game, the Eagles next drive led to an interception by the man who was just everywhere, George Wilson. He picked off a pass which was under thrown thanks to a hit on Vick at the release.

The Bills defence was amazing in this game as far as Turnovers are concerned including a 31YD interception return from our summer free agent signing Nick Barnett.

The Bills defence finished with 4 interceptions and a fumble recovery as we ended up victorious 31 - 24. The Bills have started the season 4 - 1 for the first time since 2008. One final comment on this game is a congratulations to Michael Vick for surpassing Randall Cunningham's rushing yards total for a QB meaning he is now the No.1 rushing QB of all time.

I feel I have bored you all enough with my beloved Bills game and so let's move onto the rest of the action.

2nd Down

I will start with the undefeated teams, despite getting off to a slow start against the Falcons by going 14 - 0 down, the Packers once again showed their class as they then came back to finish off the Falcons with 25 unanswered points and winning 25 - 14. Packers move to 5 – 0 and looking like they are heading to another Superbowl.

Of course that is unless the other undefeated team in the NFC, the Detroit Lions has anything to say about it. They didn't let the pressure of their first Monday night game since 1984 get to them as they beat the Bears 24 – 13.

I want to give a special mention this week to a former Bills player and his team who have really surprised me with their results this year. To Donte Whitner and the rest of the 49ers Franchise, I say you are doing an amazing job and your defence is really helping one of my fantasy teams this year. Keep up the good work.

At the start of the season I didn't expect them to be at 4 - 1 after week five and they destroyed the Buccaneers on Sunday 48 - 3. Again I say much respect and keep up the fine team effort.

Here is all the scores from Week 5:-

Philadelphia 24 vs 31 Buffalo
New Orleans 30 vs 27 Carolina
Oakland 25 vs 20 Houston
Kansas City 28 vs 24 Indianapolis
Cincinnati 30 vs 20 Jacksonville
Arizona 10 vs 34 Minnesota
Seattle 36 vs 25 New York Giants
Tennessee 17 vs 38 Pittsburgh
Tampa Bay 3 vs 48 San Francisco
San Diego 29 vs 24 Denver
New York Jets 21 vs 30 New England
Green Bay 25 vs 14 Atlanta
Chicago 13 vs 24 Detroit

3rd Down

OK so I would like to bump the q and a up to this slot this week as I shall be trying something new for 4th Down.

Firstly a big thank you to EJ for providing the answers as requested.  Here is a reminder of the questions along with EJ's answers:-

Adri - Of the winless teams Miami, St Louis, Minnesota and Indianapolis who will be the first to win a game this year and who is destined for 0 – 16?

EJ - My gut is the dolphins will be the last team to win as they have lost their QB indefinitely. I don't see any team losing 16 like the lions 3 years ago.

Adri - Out of the surprise early pace setters i.e. 49ers, Bills & Lions, who is their MVP, the one player that if they lost would come crashing down like the Colts?

EJ - Bills: Ryan Fitzpatrick-a gamer and someone who his team-mates respect

San Fran: Want to say their coach Harbaugh. Likely going to say Alex Smith, not gaudy numbers but pulling off victories.

Detroit: Without question Megatron aka Calvin Johnson. 2 TD's per game...unstoppable!

Adri - I'm sure everyone also wants to know your take on the big one, which two teams are heading to the Superbowl?

EJ - Green Bay over New England

Again thanks for that EJ, I like how that worked so I have a few more questions for you!

Come the end of the season, who will be the league's leading QB,RB,WR,TE and Defence?

I know its early but who currently playing in college should we be looking out for in next years draft?

Does Tebow deserve the starting job in Denver, if not who is the best suited team for him?

Finally the question everyone is asking this week, is it time for Romo to be moved on and replaced?

4th Down

I thought I would finish up this week by doing something I don't usually like sharing and that's my predictions for next weeks games.  The only reason I don't normally do this is that I don't want my fellow Spartan team-mates to know who I'll be betting on for madden superstars on the book of face!

San Francisco vs Detroit – Detroit
St Louis vs Green Bay – Green Bay
Carolina vs Atlanta – Carolina
Indianapolis vs Cincinnati – Cincinnati
Buffalo vs New York Giants – Buffalo
Jacksonville vs Pittsburgh – Pittsburgh
Philadelphia vs Washington – Washington
Houston vs Baltimore – Baltimore
Cleveland vs Oakland – Oakland
Dallas vs New England – New England
New Orleans vs Tampa Bay – New Orleans
Minnesota vs Chicago – Minnesota
Miami vs New York Jets – New York Jets

If anyone has any questions or feedback for me, even any articles you want me to post then please drop me a comment or tweet me the link @AdriMallows

One final comment before I let you go, I'm sure you'll be as pleased as me to know that both my Fantasy teams picked up their first W of the season this week. There's no stopping me now lol!

As always guys and girls 'Thanks for Stopping by'

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