Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Week Four

1st Down

Week 4 is now in the history books as they say, 3 teams entered it with an unbeaten record and only 2 remain after another outstanding week of action.

Unfortunately for me and the rest of the #BillsMafia, it was our team of unknown legends that bit the bullet this week in a loss to the Bengals 23 – 20.  After an early exchange of field goals our defence decided that it was time for a big play and that's what we got with Bryan Scott taking his pick back to the house.

It was an amazing heads up play as the receiver was on the floor juggling the pass, Scott reached in and picked it.  A short while later George Wilson got in on the act with his 2nd pick of the season which led to Fred Jackson's 2yd yard TD run. At the half we found ourselves up 17 - 3, a strange feeling given the last two weeks. Alas baring a field goal that was our scoring done for the day and credit to the Bengals D and Andy Dalton for pulling out the Win with the last kick off the game.

Despite rumours of bad officiating from the fans, the players have taken full responsibility for the loss and I look forward to seeing how we rebound next week against the Eagles.  Speaking off the Eagles, so much for the self proclaimed dream team on defence as they were outplayed and outfought by the 49ers who came away from that game with a 24 - 23 win and a record of 3 – 1.

I think after this week, I am definitely dropping the Eagles defence from my fantasy team and would highly recommend you do the same if you own them.

2nd Down

OK so enough about the Bills and their future opponents. After the joys of watching Redzone last week I decided I would mix it up and watch the live game on sky sports this week which firstly was the Lions vs Cowboys.

I decided I needed to watch this game to decide for myself if I think the Lions are the real deal this year.  It started off as I expected with Dallas going up by two scores and taking an early 10 - 0 lead. Romo looked like he could do no wrong while Stafford was spluttering and the Lions where failing to sustain
any drives until the 2nd quarter where they managed a field goal.

Unfortunately for them that was there only score in the first half as Dallas answered back with another 10 points taking a half time lead of 20 – 3.  I have to be honest at this point I thought the Lions were in for a mauling and so I diverted back to the faithful Redzone channel. As seems to be my theme for this year so far I was wrong and had underestimated the Lions and kept getting the updates from their game.

With three interceptions, two of which going for scores, Detroit where on the march and leaving the Cowboys in their wake.  The scoring bounced back and forth and till the fourth quarter where I witnessed the legend known as Megatron aka Calvin Johnson. This man is just simply outstanding catching two touchdown passes in heavy traffic to see the Lions come out on top of this one 34 - 30. I think one of the commentators said it best when he said Dallas doesn't have an Optimus Prime and so there is no way they can stop MEGATRON!

He has now set a new record for consecutive games with two touchdown receptions. He already has 8 touchdowns and we have only just finished week 4. In conclusion as far as the Lions are concerned they have shown me this week that they truly mean business this year and will no doubt make the play-offs I hold my hands up and say yes I was wrong with what I said last week about them and kudos to them for playing so well.

3rd Down

With that said let's move onto the rest of the games from week 4 by starting with all the results:-

Carolina 29 - 34 Chicago
Buffalo 20 - 23 Cincinnati
Tennessee 31 - 13 Cleveland
Detroit 34 - 30 Dallas
Pittsburgh 10 - 17 Houston
New Orleans 23 - 10 Jacksonville
Minnesota 17 - 22 Kansas City
San Francisco 24 - 23 Philladelphia
Washington 17 - 10 St Louis
New York Giants 31 - 27 Arizona
Atlanta 30 - 28 Seattle
Denver 23 - 49 Green Bay
New England 31 - 19 Oakland
Miami 16 - 26 San Diego
New York Jets 17 - 34 Baltimore
Indianapolis 17 - 24 Tampa Bay

So how about those Carolina Panthers, well Cam Newton seems to be working miracles with that offence and Steve Smith is playing like he's in the first few years of his career. They seem to be taking a lot of teams close this year without winning so I don't see them in the play-offs, maybe next year guys!

So far this season we have also seen some big name teams with incredibly bad records with the Colts sitting at 0 - 4 without Manning, the Eagles are surprisingly 1 - 3. Did the Eagles maybe add two many players this off season and subsequently are lacking in team chemistry? Finally it brings me to the Steelers, seriously man what's happening there. 2 - 2 after four games and they find themselves propping up the AFC North.

4th Down

I always like to save this section for a bit of Q & A, this week I would like to flip the switch if EJ and Justin would care to indulge me?

This week gents I would like you to be my guru's and I'm going to ask you some questions which I would like you to answer and I will then publish your answers here next week!

OK so here goes gentleman:-

Of the winless teams Miami, St Louis, Minnesota and Indianapolis who will be the first to win a game this year and who is destined for 0 – 16?

Out of the surprise early pace setters i.e. 49ers, Bills & Lions, who is their MVP, the one player that if they lost would come crashing down like the Colts?

I'm sure everyone also wants to know your take on the big one, which two teams are heading to the Superbowl?

There is a fiver in it if one of you says the Bills lol!

Finally I want to finish this week on more of a serious note. This week saw the start of Pinktober, a month of raising awareness of breast cancer/cancer. It is something that I'm sure has touched all our lives at some point or another and I'm so happy that the NFL does so much for a great cause.

Every team supports the cause by wearing something pink whether it be a ribbon on the helmet to wearing pink on the gloves and cleats. I'm showing my support by wearing my ribbon and painting my nails pink for the month.

If you can and if its only a small gesture like above, please show your support for Pinktober. Alternatively if you have the money and you want to get your hands on some match-day gear worn by the players then head over to www.nfl.com where they are auctioning off these items with the proceeds going to various cancer charities. Thank you in advance for supporting the cause!

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