Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Week 1 2012 Season

1st Down

Hello and welcome to the week 1 edition of the 'The Lo Down' for the 2012 season.

I'm sure like me you think this off season has been far too long and are grateful to now have NFL back on our screens.  Before I get started on the action from this week here's a reminder of a few key moments from the off season!

Let's start with Peyton Manning and Tim Tebow, with Indianapolis not offering Manning a contract he winded up in Denver meaning that Tebow needed a new home which he got with the New York Jets.

Then we had the draft with the first overall pick, Stanford’s trigger man Andrew Luck being drafted by the Colts. You also had the Heisman trophy winning quarterback Robert Griffin III being drafted by the Redskins.

For any newish fans to the sport the battle that will ensue between these two great quarterbacks will be for me the Tom Brady vs Peyton Manning rivalry off the next decade at least. I can guarantee they will both be talked about in great detail through this season!

Finally before I move onto the action you had the Bountygate scandal!  For those who may not have heard the coaches from New Orleans had given their players specific targets on key opponents to try and re injure with the promise of a tidy bonus if they are taken out the game!

As a result of this Gregg Williams the defensive coordinator responsible has been suspended indefinitely, the head coach Sean Payton has been suspended for a year and other bans have also been dished out to other coaches and staff involved.

The big news is that several players also faced suspension however thanks to a recent judge panel ruling the bans have been lifted, for now anyway!

2nd Down

Okay with that now out of the way lets get started on the action from week 1.

Following the above warning I would like to start by talking about Mr Heisman Trophy RG3! In his season opener he faced the saints who were without head coach Sean Payton!

I'm sure that if you are anything like me you were not holding out much hope for RG3 with that high powered Saints offense and solid D.  It turns out that I was wrong on an epic scale as RG3 put on a clinic completing his first 7 passes which included an 88yd laser beam to Pierre Garcon.

The Redskins seemed to be playing like a team possessed! Drew Brees tried his best to spur on the offense but even the record breaking QB could not compete with this stallion as the Skins went on to win 40 – 32.

Another big result for me this weekend was the destruction of my beloved Buffalo Bills at the hands of Mark Sanchez, Tebow and the Jets! They came out of the blocks flying going up 28 - 0 before we even responded. The final score was 44 - 28 and we also saw Tebow line up at tight end, in the wildcat and as the QB for the first plays when the Jets reached the red zone.

3rd Down

Now I have finished my little bit of Tebowmania here is a run down of all the scores from week 1:-

Dallas 24 vs 17 New York Giants
Indianapolis 21 vs 41 Chicago
Philadelphia 17 vs 16 Cleveland
St Louis 23 vs 27 Detroit
Miami 10 vs 30 Houston
Atlanta 40 vs 24 Kansas City
Jacksonville 23 vs 26 Minnesota
Washington 40 vs 32 New Orleans
Buffalo 28 vs 48 New York Jets
New England 34 vs 13 Tennessee
Seattle 16 vs 20 Arizona
San Francisco 30 vs 22 Green Bay Packers
Carolina 10 vs 16 Tampa Bay
Pittsburgh 19 vs 31 Denver
Cincinnati 13 vs 44 Baltimore
San Diego 22 vs 14 Oakland

Other performances of note this week was the return of Peyton Manning after a year out with neck surgery. In the Sunday night game this week was the Broncos vs Steelers and I know the Steelers are rebuilding but I didn't expect the result we got shown above.

Manning had a very solid game throwing for 253 yards and 2 touchdowns with his key receiver being DeMaryius Thomas who caught 5 passes for 110yds and a touchdown, some of you may have heard me talk about him on Spitball my new weekly podcast!

4th Down

With the podcast in mind be sure to check out www.ballhawksnest.weebly.com for the new edition of Spitball which will be uploaded on Wednesday 12th September.

Lastly I would just like to say that this first week has been immensely entertaining and I've struggled to keep this edition down to just a handful of performances that have caught my eye this week.

If we consider this week to be the benchmark for the season ahead we are in for another year of tasty NFL action that will leave our mouths watering for months to come.

If you have any comments, feedback or would like to contribute to 'The Lo Down' or Spitball please feel free to email me at ballhawksnest@gmail.com or tweet me @AdriMallows

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