Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Week 2 2012 Season

If someone was to say to me that the Arizona Cardinals would fly into Boston this weekend, man handle the Patriots and walk out with a win I would expect the use of the word 'Bazinga' at the end of their sentence!

This weekend however it is exactly what the Cardinals managed to achieve with their so called back up quarterback Kevin Kolb. I struggle to call him this after all the song and dance that was made following his trade from Philadelphia at the start of last season.

Kolb was hailed as the saviour of Arizona following his performances when Michael Vick was injured in the 2010 season.

Anyway back to the issue at hand and that is that New England lost a regular season game in Boston which as we all know is such a rare occurrence these days.

My cap is certainly tipped for the Cardinals in what was in my eyes the upset of the season so far!

It would also appear that the Cardinals weren't the only team in the NFC West that wanted to cause an upset this weekend. I am of course referring to the Seattle Seahawks who held the week one high flying Cowboys to just seven points!

For me it seems that all of the teams in the NFC West heard the pilot episode of 'Spitball' where we joked about how easy the NFC West is with the poor teams in it outside of San Francisco!

In this, week two of the season every team in the NFC West won with the Cards and Seahawks mentioned above and the 49ers and Rams also winning. To quote the legend that is Chris Kamara, that is 'Unbelievable Jeff!'.

My final word to the NFC West teams excluding the 49ers is that every dog has his day so let's see if you can do the same next week, come on prove me wrong you one week wonders!

Coming back to the AFC East it was a great week for my Buffalo Bills as we easily despatched Kansas City 35 - 17 with two Kansas touchdowns coming in garbage time.

With a big big smile on my face after a Buffalo win I say here are all the results from week two:

Chicago 10 vs 23 Green Bay
Kansas City 17 vs 35 Buffalo
New Orleans 27 vs 35 Carolina
Cleveland 27 vs 34 Cincinnati
Minnesota 20 vs 23 Indianapolis
Houston 27 vs 7 Jacksonville
Oakland 13 vs 35 Miami
Arizona 20 vs 18 New England
Tampa Bay 34 vs 41 New York Giants
Baltimore 23 vs 24 Philadelphia
Dallas 7 vs 27 Seattle
Washington 28 vs 31 St Louis
New York Jets 10 vs 27 Pittsburgh
Tennessee 10 vs 38 San Diego
Detroit 19 vs 27 San Francisco
Denver 21 vs 27 Atlanta

With the results out the way I think it only fair that we focus our attention to some of the play makers of the week. In keeping with the recent awards we used for my flag team, each week from now on I shall be giving out the offensive impact player of the week and the defensive impact player of the week. The awards are appropriately named the 'Megatron' Award and the 'Ray Lewis' award respectively.

Anyway back to the proper awards, on the offensive side of the ball there were a few stand out players worthy of a special mention. The first is Danny Amendola of the St Louis rams who despite and early fumble had 15 catches for 160 yards and a touchdown.

The next player worthy of mention is Marshawn Lynch who once again showed his awesome power and ability to break tackles. He finished the game against Dallas with 122 yards and a touchdown.

Finally before I announce the winner I have to mention CJ spiller who had a simply stunning game against the Chiefs. Spiller finished the game with 170 total yards and two touchdowns.  I hear you ask if I am not giving it a to a Bills player who could it be.......

The winner of this weeks 'Megatron' award goes to Dante Rosario of the San Diego Chargers. Whilst he only had four receptions for 48 yards on the day, three of those were touchdowns. If you ask me that's making an impact, 75% of his receptions were for touchdowns!

Moving swiftly onto the 'Ray Lewis' award my first mention is for the man whom the award is named after. Despite the fact he was on the loosing team this week Lewis managed a total of five tackles and a fumble recovery.

The next defensive beast on the list is Clay Matthews who was a constant nightmare for the Bears on Thursday night as he made a total of seven tackles, four of which were sacks on Jay Cutler!  Brandon Browner, cornerback for the Seahawks is my final mention before the winner for his performance against the Cowboys by making four tackles, forcing a fumble and picking off Romo once.

This week my 'Ray Lewis' award goes to Calais Campbell defensive end for the Cardinals who recorded 10 total tackles including two sacks as he helped contain and destroy Tom Brady!

Completely un Brady related I heard an amazing stat this week and that is that 14 of the 16 games were won by the home team. I have never known home advantage to play such a big part in the outcome. I wonder if it was because a lot of teams having their first home games of the season, let me what you think might be the cause?

Finally I'm sure you would all agree that we are certainly getting our value for money this season and I can not wait for the action to start again on Thursday!
Before signing off please remember to check out my podcast 'Spitball' on Wednesday and as always if you have any thoughts or feedback please email me at ballhawksnest@gmail.com or tweet me @AdriMallows. Take care football fans and until next week I bid you adieu!

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