Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Week Eleven

1st Down

All aboard the Tebow train! It seems that despite being his third choice QB that even Coach Fox has jumped on the train. Could it be that you still don't rate him but have to praise him as he is saving your job!

Another week down and surprisingly for me another Tebow win, this time against the Jets.  Thursday night football brought us a nice little shocker to open up the week. Unless your a Denver fan, who honestly thought they would win.

Here is an idea for Denver, in the same way you use a change of pace back, maybe they could do the same with Orton and Tebow!  Despite his 3 - 1 record, I'm still not convinced he is good enough to be a starter in this league. I would love to know what you guys think!

OK so moving away from my Tebow rant, it was another bad bad week for the Bills. We rolled into Miami thinking we could #Squishthefish as it was put but Football is a game of momentum and when it's with you it's great.

At the moment the Bills momentum is picking up speed as we fall down the hill quicker than Jack and Jill! Needless to say we were embarrassed by the Dolphins and we didn't even score a TD.  I seriously don't know what's happening in Buffalo right now but I will always Billieve we can turn it around! The question is will an 11 - 5 record be enough to get us into the play-offs?

2nd Down

Here is all the scores from the Week 11 action:-

New York Jets 13 vs 17 Denver
Cincinnati 24 vs 31 Baltimore
Jacksonville 10 vs 14 Cleveland
Carolina 35 vs 49 Detroit
Tampa Bay 26 vs 35 Green Bay
Buffalo 8 vs 35 Miami
Oakland 27 vs 21 Minnesota
Dallas 27 vs 24 Washington
Seattle 24 vs 7 St Louis
Arizona 7 vs 23 San Francisco
Tennessee 17 vs 23 Atlanta
San Diego 20 vs 31 Chicago
Philadelphia 17 vs 10 New York Giants
Kansas City 3 vs 34 New England

The Packers continue to march on remaining the only undefeated team in the league while the Patriots are back on form and making the AFC East look like a one horse race again.

Other results of note this week include the Eagles who with a win over division rivals the Giants just made the NFC East interesting again.  Who will win that race with New York and Dallas leading the charge. They play on the last day of the season at Metlife and could be a hell of a game.

It does make me think do I go to Boston to watch us be creamed by the Pats or do I go to a division deciding game? Your thoughts please EJ and all my other readers.

3rd Down

With the above said, in place of my usual Q & A I shall be taking a look at the play-off picture with two thirds of the season now in the history books.

Firstly let's have a look at the AFC. It looks like this year the play-offs will be dominated by the AFC North as they have the potential to see 3 teams make the post season with the 3 other division winners.

The AFC East pretty much seems to be sewn up by the Patriots baring any major upsets between now and the end of the season. It proves that Brady and Belichick are too good to keep down!

Next up we have the AFC South which despite an injury to starting QB Matt Schaub appears to be Houston's to loose and I don't see that happening this year with the form Arian Foster is in right now.  Tennessee are their nearest rivals but even they are two games behind.  As for the Colts well they are in a one horse race of their own for the first draft pick next year and I don't see them loosing that race!

Now we have the AFC West which is one of the more intriguing divisions. Oakland currently sitting top with a game in hand over the Tebow inspired Broncos. I for one talk a lot about Tebow but let's not forget it is the defence playing some great football to keep him in with a shout of winning games.  I can see Oakland winning this division as with Palmer at QB they are starting to have a decent passing attack with Moore, who is making some great catches btw. Also in Michael Bush they have a more than adequate replacement for McFadden in their rushing attack.

Finally let's take a look at the AFC North. This is by far the strongest conference in the AFC and they have three teams with a legitimate shot at the play-offs.  Personally the division title comes down to Pittsburgh and Baltimore. My money goes on Baltimore this year as despite two losses in the next games after their wins against the Steelers they don't have to worry about that now as both Steelers games are done and dusted.  They are currently top with the same record as Pittsburgh but the two wins over their main rivals are massive tie breakers and ultimately what decides the division.

4th Down

Let's now take a look at the NFC. There is a lot of talk about how the NFL is a copy cat league, and with the NFC North it proves this point. Just like its AFC cousin it could also end up with three teams in the play-offs!

Lets start with the easiest of the four divisions to pick a winner from and that is the NFC West.  San Francisco have basically got this division sewn up and just need two more wins to seal it and guarantee themselves a play-off spot.

Then we have the NFC south which is a Two horse race between the Falcons and the Saints.  Although the Falcons are only one win behind when you look at their division record it is pretty appalling compared to that of the Saints and I see the Saints walking away with it.  The only remaining question is will the Falcons have a better record than anyone in the NFC North.

OK so onto the NFC East, I think I have pretty much covered my excitement of this division earlier on but suffice to say it will go down to the wire and I think that as the last game is at home I can see the Giants holding on to take the division.

Finally we get to the awesome NFC North with the Packers, Bears and Lions. I think the Packers are a given and the Bears will join them. I can see the Falcons having a better record down the stretch meaning the Lions just miss out this year.

Right so with that said and done here is who I think will be representing each conference in the play-offs:-

From the AFC it will be Ravens, Steelers, Bengals, Texans, Patriots and Raiders. I have to say that I think the Steelers will make the Superbowl!

From the NFC it will be the Packers, 49ers, Giants, Saints, Falcons and Bears.

The Packers will be in the Superbowl and so it looks like it's going to be a repeat of last year but this time the Steel curtain will come down on Rodgers as the Steelers win a close one 31 – 28.

I would love to hear all of your thoughts on this years play-off run, drop me a comment or tweet me at @AdriMallows.

As always ladies and jellyspoons 'Thanks for Stopping by'

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