Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Week Ten

1st Down

Another great week of NFL is in the books and there have been the usual twists and turns and the obligatory Colts loss.

Welcome to my round up of week 10. It has been another tough week as a Bills fan. I was full of optimism going into the game against the Cowboys as Romo has been hot and cold this season. Unfortunately for us he decided he would be hot this week and man did he torch our secondary this week! He completed 23 of 26 passes for 270YDS and 3TD'S, their first four possessions resulted in touchdowns leaving a massive mountain for us to climb.  Unfortunately we seemed to have left our climbing gear at home this week as we ended up loosing 44 - 7.

If there is one man who can help us get back on track it's @DYNAMOMAGICIAN. I mean if he can get England to beat Spain as he did on Saturday he is capable of turning our season back in the right direction!

This week also saw 10 early kickoff games and 3 late kickoffs which I found very bizarre, it was like an imbalance in the force and must be why I was only 7 out of 15 on Sundays predictions.

I have to ask, did anyone catch the Steelers win this week? Although he ended up on the loosing side, how good is Andy Dalton starting to look.  He is running that offence like he truly belongs to be their leader.  The Bengals are good this year so next year I expect him to do great things, definitely worth a late draft pick as a backup fantasy QB next year I think!

Also in the AFC North this week, what happened to the Ravens??? Dear coach Harbaugh, how do you go from doing the double over one the best teams in the AFC to loosing to Seattle?? When you have Ray Rice throwing TD passes you have issues! With that in mind does anyone know how many points that gets my fantasy team, does it count as a normal QB TD pass I wonder.

2nd Down

It has been another crazy week for results this week, check out all of the scores below:-

Oakland 24 vs 17 San Diego
New Orleans 26 vs 23 Atlanta
Tennessee 30 vs 3 Carolina
Detroit 13 vs 37 Chicago
Pittsburgh 24 vs 17 Cincinnati
St Louis 13 vs 12 Cleveland
Buffalo 7 vs 44 Dallas
Jacksonville 17 vs 3 Indianapolis
Denver 17 vs 10 Kansas City
Washington 9 vs 20 Miami
Arizona 21 vs 17 Philadelphia
Houston 37 vs 9 Tampa Bay
Baltimore 17 vs 22 Seattle
New York Giants 20 vs 27 San Francisco
New England 37 vs 16 New York Jets
Minnesota 7 vs 45 Green Bay

The Colts are officially the worst team in the NFL right now and you have to ask if Manning can't play again and has to retire, where does that leave them for next season?

The Packers continue to march on but we all know what happened last time a team went 16 - 0 in the regular season don't we Pats fans.  That's right, they lost in the big one to Eli Manning and the Giants!

Can the Packers go one better is the Question? What do you think EJ, do you believe the hype that they will go 19 – 0?

3rd Down

Awesome its Q & A time:-

EJ – The game is on the line....4th and inches....what player would you want to get that yard to seal up the victory?

Adri - This one is easy Tim Tebow haha only joking, I would have to go with Adrian Peterson as he just keeps bouncing off hits it's ridiculous just how good he is!

EJ - If you were the defensive coordinator, what team would keep you up at night giving you the night sweats and nightmares, knowing that it will be very difficult to game plan against them?

Adri - Wow this one is a great question fella. The Packers this year are amazing but if you can stop Rodgers they would struggle to rely on their rushing game for an entire game I think, so it's not them!  Although it pains me greatly to say it I would have to say the Steelers because if you focus on stopping big Ben by dropping into coverage their running game will eat you alive. Likewise if you have too many men in the box, with the emergence of Antonio Brown playing alongside Miller, Wallace and Ward it becomes impossible to stop the passing game.

EJ - What current player just needs to hang up the cleats and retire due to being ineffective?

Adri - I can think off a couple to be honest. We are not seeing much off Shockey down in Carolina and so it might be time for him to hang up the old cleats.  I also think Vick needs to seriously contemplate retiring as he takes far too many hits every week with the way he runs and that offence just isn't clicking. Receiver problems can't be used as an excuse as the good teams find a way, look at the emergence of Harry Douglas when Julio Jones is injured or when New York had issues we were exposed to Victor Cruz and look how good both of those receivers are doing as the QB's get them the ball!

Thanks as always my good friend and I look forward to next weeks instalment of three brain teasers.

4th Down

Now it's time for the Two Minute Grill with questions provided by @LewisEnglish.

@LewisEnglish - How important is the loss of Matt Schaub for the Texans?

Adri - I think Schaub is a huge loss for the Texans, with his distribution and the lack of Andre Johnson it could be hard for them to overcome.  They have Leinart as their back up and I'm not sure how they will fair.  All I can say is that its a good job Foster is on fire and that they are in the AFC South.  Look for them to make the play-offs but loose in their first game!

@LewisEnglish - Is Demarco Murray the real deal?

Adri - I think given time he could be their franchise RB, he is starting to put up some good numbers every week in the absence of Felix Jones.

@LewisEnglish - Which conference is better?

Adri - At the moment I have to say the NFC is the best conference as 3 out 4 of the last Superbowl winners have been from the NFC.

@LewisEnglish - What is more important coaching or talent?

Adri - For me it is about the coaching staff.  You can have a team full of talent but if the coaching is bad then they won't make the play-offs will they Andy Reid! Also on that note apparently the Bills are a team of no names yet two weeks ago we were top of the AFC East thanks to Coach Gailey and his team.  I could give some more examples but feel it's best to leave it there.

@LewisEnglish - If you could go back in time and watch any game, what would it be?

Adri - I have only been watching the NFL for 21 years now and so have chosen something from this period. For me it would be one weekend instead of one game and that is the Conference Championship games from 2003-2004 season. It's a weekend I always remember as in both games one cornerback stole the show. For the NFC it was Ricky Manning Jr and for the AFC it was Ty Law. Both of them took the game by the scruff off the neck and recorded three picks against two of the best quarterbacks at the time!

@LewisEnglish - Who is the most underrated player in the league?

Adri - For me without question it is Fred Jackson.  The Buffalo coaching staff have also been guilty of that too. I remember a few seasons back I was screaming for him to get the starting job over Lynch and even when we drafted CJ Spiller he initially had to share the load even though he was by far the best RB we have.

Another set of great questions squire, I am thoroughly enjoying the Two Minute Grill.

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