Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Week Nine

1st Down

'Destroyed' is what happened to my Bills this week! The Jets were in town at the Ralph this week and it pains me to admit, they out muscled and out played us this week.

In the first half our defence was pretty immense holding them to just a field goal and forcing two turnovers. The 3rd quarter however was a different story as the Jets adjusted and rattled up 17 points and sadly at this point we knew the game was over much though I wanted to #Billieve. The Jets ended up winning this one 27 – 11.

One of the main things I learned from this game was that tickets to Revis Island are about as rare as finding a leprechaun, so happy hunting!

Despite our loss to the Jets, thanks to the other New Jersey team (The Giants) we are now in a three way tie at the top of the AFC East with the Patriots and Jets. This makes our division so interesting and the dolphins will play a big part in the run in with every division game almost as good as two wins!

OK so I will leave the AFC East there for this week but I'm afraid you will be hearing lots about it as the weeks unfold.  These last couple of weeks I have been saving myself from my mid week lack of NFL lull by listening to Dave Damesheks podcast. I strongly recommend checking it out, he brings a funny yet always insightful take on the weeks action. Dave and Adam Rank also jump in the old Delorean to bring us the upcoming weekends results! Here is the link for those interested:- http://davedameshek.nfl.com/

2nd Down

There was some other big divisional games this week and according to their players, the biggest game away from the Superbowl is the Ravens vs Steelers.  I was listening to Terrell Suggs on total access last week and he was sharing his passion for beating up the Steelers and Big Ben. I totally get where he is coming from as I hate the Steelers with a passion.

It all stems from the Superbowl win over Seattle when big Ben dives for the end-zone, is short but then stretches his arm out with the ball over the goal line when the play is dead and they still give it as a TD.  A blatant cheat but he got away with it and it bugs me. He in my eyes is up there with the hand of god goal from Maradona in the 86 world cup!

Anyway I digress, back to their game with the Ravens. It was the early morning kick off over here so I didn't see all of it but I woke up with the Steelers leading 20 - 16 with a couple of minutes to go in the 4th. I like a lot of others assumed it was over and went back to sleep.

Boy did I get a shock in the morning when I found out Flacco drove the
Ravens down the field and got the winning score taking the game 23 – 20.

Here are all of the scores from the Week 9 action:-

New York Jets 27 vs 11 Buffalo
Seattle 13 vs 23 Dallas
Cleveland 12 vs 30 Houston
Atlanta 31 vs 7 Indianapolis
Miami 31 vs 3 Kansas City
Tampa Bay 16 vs 27 New Orleans
San Francisco 19 vs 11 Washington
Denver 38 vs 24 Oakland
Cincinnati 24 vs 17 Tennessee
St Louis 13 vs 19 Arizona
New York Giants 24 vs 20 New England
Green Bay 45 vs 38 San Diego
Baltimore 23 vs 20 Pittsburgh
Chicago 30 vs 24 Philadelphia

3rd Down

Now its time for my Q & A session with my good friend EJ. As always here is his and @LewisEnglish's answers to my question from last week and my answers to his three pearler’s.

Adri - Which 3 NFL teams have the best uniforms?

EJ - In terms of uniforms, I am a classic/old school guy so I love the Packers and Steelers. I think my favourite though is when the Chargers bust out the pewter blue.

@LewisEnglish - My top three uniforms are 49ers, Packers and Bears. As you can see I am a traditionalist, but there are a few modern looks I like, the Ravens for example.  The Bills are close behind, but without the red helmet it isn't perfect.  My own team, the Texans have a boring bland uniform. I wish they would get some character.

OK so now time for me to answer EJ's beauties:-

EJ - Who is the comeback player of the year (someone who has been in the league previously, but is busting out this year)?

Adri - Well buddy for me there is only one answer to this question and it fits in nicely with your next question. My comeback player off the year (drum roll please) Steve Smith of the Carolina Panthers. I know I have said it earlier in the year but with Cam Newton back there he is playing like he is reborn. They seem to have a great chemistry and I think the fact he has put up 918YDS speaks for itself, sure he only has 4TD's but Cam has run in a lot himself and let's not forget they are only 2 – 6.

EJ - Who will be the rookie of the year?

Adri - This is a tough question as there are quite a few rookies who are having great seasons. Andy Dalton and AJ Green in Cincinnati, of course they are helped by a great defence but you still have to get it done when you have the ball and I believe they are.

Then there is Julio Jones in Atlanta, we saw his pure ability this weekend with what was for me the catch of the season so far! Check it out http://www.nfl.com/videos/nfl-fantasy/09000d5d823d5b55/Ryan-and-Jones-go-deep-for-50-yard-TD-play

Finally you have my rookie of the season, I'm sure its no surprise that I would pick Cam Newton. All you need to do is look at his numbers and see how he gets that offense working week in and week out.  Carolina are looking like a tasty prospect next year and can't wait to see how he develops throughout his career.

EJ - If given an option to select any coach for your team, who would it be?

Adri - To be honest I wouldn't change Coach Gailey as I really like how he and Buddy Nix are running our franchise. They seem to follow the same ethics as Belichick in that you don't have to be a big name to be a star on the team. You just have to work and train hard and leave all you have on the field every Sunday!

Of course if I was forced to pick any other coach it would be Belichick or Payton with Payton being my number 1 choice.

Thanks as always for the questions EJ, I look forward to another 3 gems this week!

4th Down

From this week moving forwards this will be my new segment with my good twitter friend @LewisEnglish. We have decided to fulfil your lives with some more Q & A but this will be Q & A UK style, I hope you enjoy it!

@LewisEnglish - Which Redskins running back would you start?

Adri - I think now Hightower is out of the equation I would have to go with Helu as when called upon he seems to be putting up the numbers this year.

@LewisEnglish - If the Colts take Andrew Luck where does Manning end up?

Adri - I think where Manning ends up is purely reliant on his neck injury as to whether he plays again. I would make sure that I keep him in my organisation even if he is unable to play next year. He is practically an offensive coordinator on the pitch anyway so I would give he that position and keep him there to mentor Luck! When you have a QB as good as Manning you don't trade them at this point as he is more valuable on the sidelines in my opinion.

@LewisEnglish - You have to choose a QB and WR to complete a 99YD Hail Mary TD pass?

Adri - This one is a tough and great question. I think my QB would be Aaron Rodgers as there is no one better at his position at the moment and my receiver would be Wes Welker. Once Wes in the open field I don't see anyone catching him.

@LewisEnglish - If you could transport one player from the past to the 2011 Bills who would it be?

Adri - Number 78 Bruce Smith, the man was a total QB nightmare rushing from the end. There is a reason he is a Hall of Famer after all. I'm getting so geeked out at the thought of him, Dareus and Kyle Williams as our front three, it would be epic!

@LewisEnglish - One final question, name the London franchise?

Adri - I like this question, although I like the question more than the thought of us having a franchise to be honest. The international series games are amazing but I think one of the reasons for it is that it is a one off in the season. I like I'm sure a lot of fans wouldn't change my loyalty away from the Bills and I think we may have a situation where people only go to see the away team thus taking away the home field advantage. Also it would be a logistical nightmare.

Anyway that's my rant over on that one for now, if we did have one I like going back to the Monarchs as it makes sense or as an alternative the London Executioners because of its ties with the white tower. My other favourite is stolen from Family Guy and that's the London Silly Nannies! How funny would that be!!!

Great questions buddy and I hope you like my answers. I look forward to your instalment of questions for next week!

As always don’t forget to check out my favourite watches on NFL.com in the Top 5 Catches, Top 5 Nuttiest moments and The Shame report!

Ladies and Gents, this week has been emotional and so until next time 'Thanks for Stopping By!'

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