Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Week Fifteen

1st Down
Now then who would have thought by the end of week 15 no teams would have a zero in their record. Looks like the Colts and Chiefs forgot to read the script this week.
The Colts managed to get themselves their first win of the season against what ended being a very poor performing Titans team. Also the Chiefs with their new interim head coach pulled off the biggest upset so far this season by beating the Packers. The Colts are now 1 – 13 and the Packers 13 - 1 and haven't clinched home field advantage yet.

There is never a good time for this but I just want to say that my thoughts and prayers go out to Johnny Knox after his horrific injury this week. I won't be showing any pictures of it but let's just say he was bent double in a tackle and provisional reports are that he underwent surgery on a broken vertebrae bracket yesterday and will hopefully make a full recovery in 3 - 4 months.
For the record it was a perfectly legal hit but his body was in the wrong position as he tried to recover his fumble.
On to a brighter note now, The Jets lost which always brings a smile to my face. There is just something about them that makes my blood boil to its very core, maybe its Rex Ryan, maybe its his foot fetish, who knows!

My amazing Bills lost again this week, it is quickly becoming a season to forget for us Bills fans.  Yet another loss this week to another division rival in the Dolphins.  On a plus note we have broken the seven year New England curse and we currently have the 10th pick in next year’s draft but let’s see if we can get any higher!
More results affecting the playoff picture this week but let’s catch up with them in 4th Down!
2nd Down
Let's check out the rest of this weeks scores below:-
Jacksonville 14 vs 41 Atlanta
Dallas 31 vs 15 Tampa Bay
Miami 30 vs 23 Buffalo
Seattle 38 vs 14 Chicago
Carolina 28 vs 13 Houston
Tennessee 13 vs 27 Indianapolis
Green Bay 14 vs 19 Kansas City
New Orleans 42 vs 20 Minnesota
Washington 23 vs 10 New York Giants
Cincinnati 20 vs 13 St Louis
Detroit 28 vs 27 Oakland
Cleveland 17 vs 20 Arizona
New England 41 vs 23 Denver
New York Jets 19 vs 45 Philadelphia
Baltimore 14 vs 34 San Diego
Pittsburgh 3 vs 20 San Francisco
The Monday night game was interesting this week as the 49ers may have found a new way to ice the kicker. If your wondering what I mean, they had two power cuts! One pre game and one in the second quarter.  Although not pre planned obviously, imagine your team are about to kick the game winning field goal and boom goes the power just as it’s snapped!

Unfortunately for Pittsburgh it seems as though this was a bit of an omen as they too had no spark or light to see them on to victory.  I know I have said this already this year but it seems that just when you think you know what is going to happen it doesn’t.

I mean of all the teams the Packers have left to play, who had their money on the Cheifs breaking their perfect season.  It just goes to show that what New England achieved in 2008 was just simply amazing!

3rd Down

My favorite part of the week now as it my weekly Q & A with EJ.  I would love your feedback on this part as well.  If you enjoy it as much as we do we may take it one step further next year with a podcast!!!

EJ - How far into these last regular season games do you let the Packers starters play?

Adri – Well my good friend, this question just got a whole lot easier to answer now didn’t it!  At this point, if they want to secure home field advantage for the playoffs its looks as though the starters need to play through both the remaining games.  Also I am personally not a fan of resting starters too much as it affects their timing and rhythm with each other.  When you think of how well Rodgers reads the game, if that’s a fraction off the defensive backs will eat him up in the playoffs when things get played at double even triple the normal intensity levels!

EJ - Any individual NFL records going to be set this season?

Adri – Well we have already had a few broken already this year and it has been great to see.  From Cam Newton breaking the QB rushing TD record, Gronkowski setting the TD catches by a TE and both still have two games to play.  Also it looks as though Drew Brees will be breaking Marino’s single season passing yardage record in a season.  Brees needs just 400 yards from the last two games to break Marino’s record.  I can’t wait for this to happen personally as I’m stoked Drew Brees will have his name in the record books.  Brees also is tied for the record with Peyton Manning for most consecutive 4000+YD seasons.  Drew Brees is a machine it seems and just like the T1000, unstoppable!

EJ - Do you believe that some NFL teams are playing for a good draft pick, meaning purposely not competing and playing hard to try and get an early first round pick?

Adri – I have to say no to that one my friend.  I think personal and professional pride kicks in at a certain point and no matter how bad you are doing you still don’t like getting beat.  If it turns out to be true then surely this should be as illegal as point shaving for betting purposes.  There is no place for it in the game; the fans pay their money every week to see their team’s leave 100% in effort on the field.  If I ever found out the Bills were doing this, I would walk up to Buddy Nix and Coach Gailey and punch them right in the face!!!

EJ - Lets hear your playoff matchups and superbowl pick!

Adri – OK buddy here goes my reputation with this one:-

AFC Wildcard

Texans (#3) vs New York Jets (#6)Jets Win
San Diego (#4) vs Baltimore (#5) San Diego Win

AFC Divisional

New England (#1) vs New York Jets (#6) New England Win
Pittsburgh (#2) vs San Diego (#4) Pittsburgh Win

AFC Conference

New England (#1) vs Pittsburgh (#2) Pittsburgh Win

As you can see from above I think the Chargers will pull through and win the AFC West as they are coming into form while the others have dropped off this week.  At the moment the NFC looks like it could go anywhere so I will cheat a little and answer their side of the story next week ;)

I do truly hope everyone enjoys this as much as we do my friend.  Can I have three more of your finest for next week please?

4th Down

OK so onto the results that have sent the playoff picture into yet another tailspin this week.  Although it was expected, the Broncos loss to the Patriots has now opened the door for both the Raiders and Chargers to come through and sneak the AFC West.  As you can see from above, my money is on the Chargers.

The Giants loss to the Redskins this week has also made their job harder as too reach the playoffs they must beat both their division rivals the Cowboys and also the ground sharing rivals the Jets.  Two very hard games for them and it seems as though my mid season warming to them may have cost them this year.  Sometimes I feel like what I say on here is a good as the Madden Cover Curse!

The Madden Cover Curse is totally real isn’t it Peyton Hillis?

After their loss this week the Steelers need to win out and hope that the Ravens lose a game to win the division.  Unfortunately for the Steelers all tie breakers currently land in Baltimore!

Well this is just about wrapping up time for me on another outstanding week of action.  Until next week my friends I hope you all have a great Christmas and enjoy football Saturday this week as most games are being played on Christmas eve!  Oh and I nearly forgot, here is another great Tebowing shot for you to enjoy!

As always ladies and gents ‘Thanks for Stopping By’

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