Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Week Sixteen

1st Down
I woke up this morning to the great news that finally Drew Brees has broken a long standing NFL record.  Drew Brees is probably one of the most genuinely kind and most respected players in the game today and so I’m extremely happy he has broken Dan Marino’s single season passing yds total.

Drew Brees now has a total of 5087YDS breaking the record of 5084YDS previously set and still has one game to play to increase that record.  It was a double achievement for Brees and the Saints as with the victory last night over the Falcons, the Saints have now clinched the NFC South.

It was also a great week for my Bills as we won our first game in eight by beating the Broncos and destroying Tebow.  The Bills defence was awesome as they managed to pick Tebow off 4 times with two going back to the house.  Our defence also managed 3 sacks and a forced fumble which Denver managed to recover.

I was so happy that we won this week as it puts me in a positive mood for our game against the Patriots on Sunday for which I am pleased to say that I will be a part of the crowd at Gillette Stadium!  With that I mind I would like to apologise in advance that next week’s blog will be slightly delayed until Thursday when I am back from New York.

The Bills result this week means that the race for the AFC West title will go right to the wire with the Broncos and Raiders on the same record of 8 – 7.  This week with their loss to the Lions it is safe to say the Chargers won’t be making the post season despite my bold prediction last week.

2nd Down

Let’s now catch up on all of the results from the week 16 action:-

Houston 16 vs 19 Indianapolis
Cleveland 14 vs 20 Baltimore
Denver 14 vs 40 Buffalo
Tampa Bay 16 vs 48 Carolina
Arizona 16 vs 23 Cincinnati
Oakland 16 vs 13 Kansas City
Miami 24 vs 27 New England
New York Giants 29 vs 14 New York Jets
St Louis 0 vs 27 Pittsburgh
Jacksonville 17 vs 23 Tennessee
Minnesota 33 vs 26 Washington
San Diego 10 vs 38 Detroit
Philadelphia 20 vs 7 Dallas
San Francisco 19 vs 17 Seattle
Chicago 21 vs 35 Green Bay
Atlanta 16 vs 45 New Orleans

As usual this week there was another couple of upsets, not quite on the scale of Kansas City last week but upsets none the less.

The Colts managed to beat their division rivals the Texans who have dipped in form slightly lately and is worrying for their playoff outlook.  We also saw the Vikings upsetting the Redskins this week.  I’m sure there are a lot of Redskins fans that are calling for Shanahan’s head but I heard this week that it takes at 3 years before you will start to see major improvements under a new regime.  I say just remember the start to the season you had like us Bills and think positive that next year will be your year and the long awaited Redskins vs Bills Superbowl.  It will happen, trust me ;)

3rd Down

Let us move swiftly onto my weekly Q & A with EJ!

EJ - Will the Bills fire their head coach and if so, who would you want to hire?

Adri – I really hope that we don’t fire Coach Gailey this year.  I think just like football over here if you want to be successful for a long period then it is a case of getting the right head coach and letting him develop a squad of players that can see us to future success for years to come.  A prime example of this on this side of the pond is Sir Alex Ferguson.  Sir Alex took over as Manager of Manchester United in 1986 but only the football faithful and hardcore fans would know that he was nearly sacked by them in 1990 after not winning any silverware in his first few years at the club.  I have no doubt that they would have been nowhere near as successful without him as manager.  Since the dark early days Sir Alex has gone on to win 12 Premier League titles, 5 FA Cups, 4 League Cups and 2 Champions League’s (European Cups).  Head Coaches like managers need time and so sacking them after two seasons in my opinion gets you nowhere!


EJ - Thoughts on the fumblerooski that the panthers pulled off against Houston? Brilliant or cheap?

Adri – Well my friend I have watched the video of this play several times now and I have not once since the ball hit the deck so I think calling it a fumblerooski is a little harsh.  In my eyes it should be known as Carolina’s trick play against the Texans.  We all know that the NFL is all about out foxing your opponents and the Panthers certainly did that and foxing the fans and commentators was just an added bonus.  I totally praise the coordinators for that call!

EJ -  Most exciting/memorable play of the season up to this point?

Adri – I have had several memorable moments this year so far which I will share the links to below.  First up is from this weekend.  You will not see this in any other sport and shows the doubters that they need to ‘Sit on it’ in the words of the Fonz!  The play that I am referring to is Jerome Simpsons TD for the Bengals, check out this great show of athleticism, I believe it got a nine out of ten from the commentators due to the East German Judge! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CtaDy_Y9kNI

I can also think of a few others that have the WOW factor from Cobb’s kickoff return in the opening game of the season to Dallas Clarks amazing catch against the Bengals.  I’m so happy that a few TE’s made the top 10 from the first half of the season.  Check out this link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c7lbdlWh8yM
Also check out Deion Sanders top 5 plays from the last two years, watch out for the special treat at the end! http://www.nfl.com/videos/nfl-network-gameday/09000d5d8256bc03/Top-5-plays-of-the-last-two-years

Finally for me personally another fine moment was the Bills breaking their seven year losing streak against the Patriots J

EJ - AFC/NFC pro bowl starters if you got to pick?

Adri – OK here are my picks for the pro bowl:-

QB – Tom Brady
RB – Maurice Jones-Drew
TE – Rob Gronkowski
WR1 – Wes Welker
WR2 – AJ Green

I shall leave the offensive lineman to your capable hands my good man as this is another area I need to brush up on for next year.

QB – Aaron Rodgers
RB – LeSean McCoy
TE – Jimmy Graham
WR1 – Megatron (Calvin Johnson)
WR2 – Victor Cruz

Again I will leave the offensive lineman for you to pick sir!

My apologies to all the defensive players as I did not have time to include you in the lineup’s this week.

4th Down

I can’t believe that after all the highs and lows of the lockout we have had this year that we now only have one week of regular season left before the playoffs strike again.  I for one am looking forward to an exciting finish in the NFC East and also the AFC West to see who makes the playoffs and whether or not Baltimore can hold off the Bengals rush to top the AFC North.

As previously mentioned, next week’s edition will be slightly delayed but I will be sure to include some pictures from next week’s Bills vs Patriots Game and some random New York pics for your enjoyment!

Right I am off now to pack my bags and do my final checks before my flight tomorrow but I hope you all have a great new years eve!

I feel guilty that I have not mentioned them much  in my blogs this season and that they were shut out at the weekend and so I will leave you with this picture on the 2011/2012 St Louis Rams:-

‘Thanks for Stopping By’

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