Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Week Thirteen

1st Down

Let me start this week by saying I don't know whether its due to the lockout or not but this season has already had so many ups, downs, twists and turns its untrue!  I also know it has kept me hooked and makes me stay up late every Thursday night and glued to the TV every Sunday!

Where to start this week is the question and I think the answer is Chicago. The Bears are starting to head in the same direction as the Colts. Without Cutler they have lost their last two games and have now possibly lost Matt Forte for the season as well. I hate to say it but it looks like there will be no post season football for Daa Bears this year.

Also in the news again this week, the Broncos train keeps picking up speed towards play-off station. Tebow did it again and has a craze sweeping the nation known as Tebowing!  People all over the USA are finding places to do a bit of Tebowing!

My beloved Bills can't even buy a win it seems at the moment. I will always #billieve but it looks like this season is done. We have improved on last years record and I hope we can carry over the positives into next season.

Before we move onto the rest of this weeks action, please check out some of my favourite weekly watches and pod casts below:-

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2nd Down

Here is all the results from Week 13 :-

Philadelphia 14 vs 31 Seattle
Tennessee 23 vs 17 Buffalo
Kansas City 10 vs 3 Chicago
Atlanta 10 vs 17 Houston
Oakland 14 vs 34 Miami
Cincinnati 7 vs 35 Pittsburgh
Carolina 38 vs 19 Tampa Bay
New York Jets 34 vs 19 Washington
Denver 35 vs 32 Minnesota
Indianapolis 24 vs 31 New England
Baltimore 24 vs 10 Cleveland
Dallas 13 vs 19 Arizona
Green Bay 38 vs 35 New York Giants
St Louis 0 vs 26 San Francisco
Detroit 17 vs 31 New Orleans
San Diego 38 vs 14 Jacksonville

With these results and the outlook in Chicago, the play-off race in the NFC just got a lot more interesting I think. Suddenly it is not guaranteed that the NFC North will have three teams moving into the post season and at this rate may just end up with the division winners there!

Here are the top teams in the NFC and with the remaining fixtures it could be the division winners plus one from the NFC South and one from the NFC East completing the line up:-

1. Green Bay
2. San Francisco
3. New Orleans
4. Dallas
5. Chicago
6. Atlanta
7. Detroit
8. New York Giants

3rd Down

You know the drill by now I'm sure, its Q & A time with my good friend EJ:-

EJ - As of week 13, name the play-off seedings for the first round?

Adri - OK so from the AFC here is how I see the standings, 1. New England 2. Houston 3. Baltimore 4. Denver 5. Pittsburgh 6. Cincinnati.

And the NFC will be 1. Green Bay 2. San Francisco 3. New Orleans 4. New York Giants 5. Atlanta 6. Dallas.

EJ - Hate to ask it or even bring his name up as he is getting so much attention, but will Tebow continue winning?

Adri - Its OK buddy I know you hate asking and I also hate saying that he will indeed keep winning and go 3 - 1 in the remaining games only loosing to the Patriots.

EJ - With this years (current) QB rookie class, name the top 3 who will have the greatest careers.

Adri - This is a great question my friend. I think my one and two is the obvious choices of Andy Dalton and Cam Newton. The third place however is more off a challenge as not many others have made much noise this year. To be honest with that said I'm going to leave it at those two as the others will be back-ups at best for most of their careers!

EJ - Is last years (draft class of 2010) TE's the best ever?

Adri - I have too agree with that statement to be honest my friend.  When you look at the likes of Gronkowski, Graham and Hernandez not only did they have good rookie years last season but they have come into their own this year with Gronkowski leading the charge. I mean he almost broke the record for TD's by a TE in a season this week only to be denied by a lateral ruling his last TD a rushing one. He is a beast, that is the best way to describe him.

EJ - If you were in the position to fire one head coach, who would it be and why?

Adri - Well being a Bills fan I would fire Bill Belichick and maybe the Patriots will stop being so dominate lol.

On a serious note I think despite his success that it is time for Andy Reid to move on from the Eagles. Granted they have been extremely successful under his guidance but for a team that good to have not won the Superbowl in this era is a tragedy and perhaps a fresh coach will inspire the troops. Maybe they should try and poach Sean Payton or one of the Harbaugh boys!

4th Down

With week 14 literally just days away, we have entered the win or no play-offs for you stage of the season. With this in mind I want to take a look at a few key match ups this coming week.

First up is the Jets vs Chiefs. This is a must win game for the Jets as if they lose and New England win, the AFC East goes to the Pats. I hear Jets fans saying we still have a chance of a wild card but you are up against Pittsburgh and Cincinnati for that spot and unless either slip up I'm afraid its not going to be your year.

Next up is the Saints vs Titans. The Titans like the Jets need a win to keep up their slim hopes off taking the division title from the Texans or sliding into the last wild card spot. Hasselbeck and Johnson are starting to play to their potential with Johnson having back to back century games but with the Saints this week I don't see them winning.

Also we have the legend that is Eli Manning and the Giants. The Giants face the Cowboys this week and must win to keep their division title aspirations going. The Giants have Bradshaw back so this should be a great game this week. With the added pressure it will also be fun to see which Romo decides to show up on Sunday!

Finally although they are not win or out games, the Lions and Bears need wins desperately this week to keep themselves ahead in the race for the wild card spots. Detroit have the easier of the games against the Vikes whilst the Bears square off against Tebow and the gang.

Its going to be a great finale to the season and I hope you are enjoying it as much as I am.  Remember if you want to comment on anything in the blog, if you have anything you want me to post on the blog or just generally chat NFL, then please tweet me @AdriMallows

Until next time folks, 'Thanks for Stopping By'

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