Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Week 5 2012 Season

I would like to start this week by congratulating Drew Brees on breaking yet another long standing record this weekend. Last year as you all know Brees broke Dan Marino's 27 year record for most passing yards in a single season.

On Sunday night in front of a home crowd which included the suspended Sean Payton, he broke Johnny Unitas's record for most consecutive games with a touchdown. The record now stands at 48 games.

In an era that has been dominated by Brady and the Manning brothers it is often easy to overlook Brees's performances. With this in mind I say again congratulations on an outstanding achievement Mr Brees and keep up the great work!

On a side note as part of his record breaking performance Brees threw for 370 yards and 4 touchdowns leading the saints to their first victory of the season.

The other winless team going into this week weren't quite so lucky. The Cleveland Browns ran in to an inspired Eli Manning and the Giants. Cleveland did get off to a fast start scoring 14 quick points through Trent Richardson and Josh Gordon however it was short lived as Manning then took over the show throwing for 259 yards and three touchdowns all to Victor Cruz in their 41 - 27 victory over the Browns.

Moving on from the winless teams it has been an emotional week for the Indianapolis Colts with their head coach Chuck Pagano being diagnosed with Leukaemia and Bruce Arians standing in as interim head coach. Things didn't start too well for the Colts as the Green Bay Packers shot out to a 21 - 3 lead with the Colts not being able to move the ball down field. In the second half however the Colts were inspirational as they managed to finally put pressure on Rodgers. Reggie Wayne was also on top form making some amazing catches on his way to a career high 212 yards and one touchdown which proved to be the winning score.

It was a great score as Wayne caught the ball with his back to the endzone and whilst being tackled he managed to spin round and reach his arm over the goalline! With this in mind it is with great pleasure that I announce Reggie Wayne as my 'Megatron' award winner for week 5! Also one of his many receptions was a spectacular one handed grab in traffic!

Okay so onto the Buffalo update. We took another pounding at the hands of the 49ers this week and it left a lot of people doubting our players and coaches alike. I'm slightly more of a realist and when I saw our schedule at the start of the season I was expecting us to be no better than 3-2 at this point. Sure we are 2-3 but this is only one game behind where I saw us being and don't think we can call it a crisis just yet!

Don't get me wrong in an ideal world I would rather we had a more aggressive defence and someone who is more emotional on the sideline as a head coach like one of the Harbaugh brothers or Jim Schwartz for example but we are still rebuilding so let's stay realistic!

Here are all the scores from week fives action:-

Arizona 3 vs 17 St Louis
Baltimore 9 vs 6 Kansas City
Cleveland 27 vs 41 New York Giants
Miami 17 vs 13 Cincinnati
Green Bay 27 vs 30 Indianapolis
Philadelphia 14 vs 16 Pittsburgh
Atlanta 24 vs 17 Washington
Seattle 16 vs 12 Carolina
Chicago 41 vs 3 Jacksonville
Buffalo 3 vs 45 San Francisco
Denver 21 vs 31 New England
Tennessee 7 vs 30 Minnesota
San Diego 24 vs 31 New Orleans
Houston 23 vs 17 New York Jets

As you can see from the above we still have two teams that remain unbeaten in the Atlanta Falcons and the Houston Texans.

Firstly I would like to talk about the Texans purely because they have my 'Ray Lewis' award winner this week in JJ Watt. It would almost seem like loosing Mario Williams in the pre season was a blessing in disguise for JJ as all the talk was about the loss of Super Mario.

This week JJ Watt had a combined six tackles, one sack and most importantly three pass deflections. One of his deflections led to an interception with the Jets in a scoring position and the last of them again came on a clutch play on the Jets final drive.

Sanchez had a receiver wide open for the game tying score but thanks to JJ the ball didn't get passed the line of scrimmage. Now for me that is the true definition of an impact player and I think he will potentially end up as the defensive end of the year filling the gap left by Jason Pierre Paul’s average performances this year.

Now onto the Atlanta Falcons, what can you say about this team that hasn't already been said. On offense they have the perfect package with a hall of fame tight end, a great running back and quarterback not too mention their two potential future hall of fame receivers in Julio Jones and Roddy White! Even at this early stage you have to ask could this be our potential Superbowl or will the Falcons and Texans find a way to crash and burn when it counts like the last post season!

Finally to finish off this week I would like to add a new feature called 'Team Performance of the Week'. Every week from now on I will be looking for one team a week that has either shown a great team spirit together with a performance or a team that has stunned us all with their result.

This week my selection for 'Team Performance of the Week' will sit very well with one of my co hosts on 'Spitball' my weekly podcast as it goes to the 'wait for it' St Louis Rams. This week they went up against their undefeated division rivals the Arizona Cardinals and really showed me both a great team spirit linked with a determination not to lose that game.

The Rams defence this week combined for a total of nine sacks and one forced fumble whilst holding the Cardinals to only three points. Their offense is finding a way to keep Bradford on his feet long enough to make plays and even though they lost Danny Amendola to injury, Bradford still got the job done through the air.   Let's not forget that they also have a potential hall of fame running back in Stephen Jackson. I for one am starting to wish I'd picked them at the start of the season to be my surprise playoff team, let's see if my words have now cursed them!

As always ladies and gents please feel free to get in touch whether it be to just chat football or if you want to be a part of the Ballhawks online family. You can email me at ballhawksnest@gmail.com or tweet me @AdriMallows or drop your comments at the bottom of the blog! Until next week football fans take care and enjoy the week six action!

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