Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Week 6 2012 Season

WOW, week six has been yet another great week of action in the NFL! This week we have seen more emotion and drama than a week’s worth of EastEnders! I have so many things I want to talk about, the question is where to start?

Let’s start with my 'Team Performance of the Week' award. There was one team this week who managed to provide all of the things you want to see in a game: big hits, sacks, interceptions, a 4th quarter hail mary to win the game and of course the sight of Tom Brady losing!

That's right folks the award this week goes to the Seattle Seahawks who despite having the best defence in the league were under dogs going into Sundays match up against the New England Patriots.

In the first quarter the two teams traded touchdowns with Seattle managing to sneak in a field goal as well making it 10-7. In the second quarter despite not scoring Seattle showed their intentions as Brandon Browner absolutely lit up Wes Welker after a reception, it was a bone jarring tackle that saw Welker sit out the next few plays.

Despite the tackles flying in from here, there and everywhere New England managed 10 unanswered points taking a 17 - 10 lead into the half. In the second half Seattle were able to hold the Patriots to only two field goals as they clawed back the deficit culminating in a 46 yard hail mary pass from Russell Wilson to Sidney Rice giving the Seahawks a 24-23 lead.

At this point there was just over a minute left on the clock and I thought that was more than enough time for Brady to do the usual! The Seahwaks however managed to stop the Patriots on their final drive to secure the win.Congratulations to the Seattle Seahawks on winning my 'Team performance of the Week' award.

Another one of the most amazing parts of Sundays action was the triple box feature on NFL redzone for the end of the late games. Just as Rice was catching the game winning pass for Seattle, Jay Feeley was hitting the post with a potential game winning field goal for the Cardinals and RG III was running in a 76 yard touchdown against the Vikings, it was just unbelievable Jeff!

More about that Jay Feeley field goal miss later on but for now here is all of the scores from week six:

Pittsburgh 23 vs 26 Tennessee
Dallas 29 vs 31 Baltimore
Cincinnati 24 vs 34 Cleveland
Detroit 26 vs 23 Philadelphia
Indianapolis 9 vs 35 New York Jets
Kansas City 10 vs 38 Tampa Bay
St Louis 14 vs 17 Miami
Oakland 20 vs 23 Atlanta
Buffalo 19 vs 16 Arizona
New England 23 vs 24 Seattle
Minnesota 26 vs 38 Washington
New York Giants 26 vs 3 San Francisco
Green Bay 42 vs 24 Houston
Denver 35 vs 24 San Diego

The only unbeaten team left after this week, the Atlanta Falcons were pushed to their limits against the Oakland Raiders and somehow managed to scrape a win. They are now 6-0 and the question remains can they go unbeaten all season?

Other performances of note this week bring me to the weekly 'Megatron' award for week six. Uncannily this week before the late night game on Sunday this award nearly went to the man himself Calvin 'Megatron' Johnson for some of the outstanding catches he made in Detroit's win over Philadelphia!

Unfortunately for Johnson this week contained an offensive performance of sheer quality and precision that could not be beaten. I am of course referring to Aaron Rodgers who tore the Texans great defence apart with six touchdown passes and 338 yards thus leading the Green Bay Packers to a comfortable 42 - 24 win. Congratulations to Aaron Rodgers on becoming this weeks 'Megatron' award winner.

Personally I think he needs to keep performing like this to prove myself and EJ wrong about being the biggest disappointment of the season! Moving swiftly onto my 'Ray Lewis' award winner for this week and surprise surprise, it is Buffalo's own Jairus Byrd.

With the score at 16 – 13 to the Bills Jay Feeley kicked a 61 yard field goal to tie the game and then somehow managed to strike the post with a 38 yard game winning attempt. Anyway I digress, back to Mr Byrd who finished this week with four tackles and two interceptions. The more important of his two picks coming in overtime to set up the game winning field goal from Ryan Lindell!

For me he is one of the unsung heroes of my Bills team and he is also the inspiration for me wearing the number 31 jersey for my flag team! The Byrd was definitely equal to or greater than the word this week. Congratulations Jairus Byrd on becoming the week six 'Ray Lewis' award winner.

Speaking of the great Ray Lewis, it appears that he will be sidelined for the rest of the season with a torn tricep and if that wasn't bad enough for the Ravens they have also lost cornerback Ladarius Webb for the season with a torn acl. Time to change my fantasy defence I think!

Let’s finish off this week by talking about the Monday night game between the Denver Broncos and San Diego Chargers. This fixture always has massive implications into who will come out top in the AFC west. Last year we had Tebow time but this year we have Manning Mayhem.

Peyton Manning showed his true class in the second half of last night’s match up with the comeback of all comebacks! At the half the Broncos were down 24 - 0 and the future was looking bleak. I don’t know what was said at half time but Manning was on fire in the second half throwing three touchdowns.

An inspired defence also managed to score off two turnovers taking the Broncos to a 34 - 24 win. In doing this they also tied the league record for the greatest ever comeback win by an away team! There is still so much more from this week to discuss and so please join myself and Marcus by listening to Spitball my weekly podcast :)

As always if you have any questions, want to chat football or offer your services to the blog or podcast please get in touch by tweeting me @AdriMallows, by emailing me at or drop a comment on the blog/website

In the words of many a Warner Brothers character, until next week ‘That’s all Folks’.

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