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Week 7 2012 Season

Welcome to the week seven edition of the 'The Lo Down'. This weeks action saw a handful of key divisional matches in the NFC East, AFC East, AFC North and NFC South along with the big battle at the top of the AFC between the Baltimore Ravens and Houston Texans.

It was interesting to see how Baltimore would react after losing two key members of their defence to injury for the remainder of their season.  I am of course referring to the great Mr Ray Lewis and cornerback Ladarius Webb.

Baltimore reacted to the injury news by doing something no one was expecting and that was to activate Terrell Suggs who has been sidelined for approximately seven months with an ACL injury.

It was a sign of desperation in my eyes and the Texans proved that by destroying the Ravens 43 - 13. This match was ridiculously one sided, it was like watching the New England vs Tennessee game from 2009 which the Patriots won 59 – 0!

I hate to say it but the future for the Ravens looks bleak and they may now even struggle to reach the playoffs! On a brighter note though 11 of the 13 games this week were all close affairs being settled by 10 points or less.

The first of these matchups started on Thursday night when the San Francisco 49ers played host to the Seattle Seahawks. At the start of the season, on paper this match was always going to be one way traffic or so I thought however the Seahawks had other ideas. It turned out to be an intensely fought defensive struggle in which the 49ers managed the only touchdown of the game resulting in their 13 – 6 victory.

The next epic battle would like to discuss is the NFC East showdown between the New York Giants and the Washington Redskins. I was excited about this game for two reasons and you would be right in thinking one of them was Robert Griffin III, can you guess the other reasons?

That's right it was our friend, good old Eli 'I've won more superbowls than my brother' Manning. The more I think about it, the more I think meeting the great Eli has to go on my bucket list! Okay so back to the game itself, this was your typical battle between two teams who like to control the ball and play solid defence.  This game certainly lived up to its billing and I strongly recommend checking out the highlights below.

As you can see the Redskins struck the first blow by scoring the go ahead touchdown with just under 2 minutes remaining with RGIII showing the talent he is going to bring to the league for years to come!

Que Eli Manning who had a minute and 40 seconds to spin things around and win the game for the Giants. Sure enough albeit quicker than expected our friend Eli threw the game winning touchdown to Victor Cruz crushing the Redskins spirits who fumbled the ball on the next \ last drive of the game making the final score 27 – 23.

Here is a recap of all the scores from week 7:

Seattle 6 vs 13 San Francisco
Tennessee 35 vs 34 Buffalo
Dallas 19 vs 14 Carolina
Baltimore 13 vs 43 Houston
Cleveland 13 vs 17 Indianapolis
Arizona 14 vs 21 Minnesota
Washington 23 vs 27 New York Giants
Green Bay 30 vs 20 St Louis Rams
New Orleans 35 vs 28 Tampa Bay
New York Jets 26 vs 29 New England Patriots
Jacksonville 23 vs 26 Oakland
Pittsburgh 24 vs 17 Cincinnati
Detroit 7 vs 13 Chicago

If you want to hear more about this weeks games and issues, please check out 'Spitball' my weekly podcast at

Let's finish off this week with the weekly award winners:

Megatron: Buffalo Bills Defence

Ray Lewis: Charles Tillman (Chicago Bears)

Team Performance of the Week: Houston Texans.

My apologies for the short blog this week,it has been a crazy busy week with my 33rd birthday.  Rest assured though I will be back up to full speed next week, until then take care and stay safe.

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